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Lynette CrewsLynette Crews
“Words can hardly express how I feel about APO, Mike, Shannon & the rest of the staff when I came through their doors for the 1st time.  I was prepared to be let down again, to be told walking again was not an option.  But much to my surprise, Mike told me the exact opposite.  Mike said my amputation wan’t ideal but a prosthetic was doable!  Words I had longed to hear for about 13 years!  And that was the first day of my new adventure!
It took Mike just a few short weeks, a few fittings  and I took my first steps!  I was finally free of the wheelchair! 5 weeks later I walked my sister down the aisle in her wedding.  All because of Mike & APO thought I was worth the extra effort to make a less than ideal situation better than I could ever imagine. Mike and his team are the most most caring, knowledgeable, understanding people around.  They strive for perfection.  They are never in a hurry to rush you out!  You always get one-on-one care and encouragement! To sum it all up, Thanks APO for giving me my life back!  Thank you for believing that  all things are possible! Thank you for working so hard to ensure that I have quality in my life!  You are truly the best!

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john (1)

John Newbold 
John is an inspiration to all above-elbow amputees. He is a bilateral AE amputee that has been a long-time patron at APO allowing us to provide him a set of arm prosthesis that has allowed him to do anything he sets his mind to.


John Hughes, bilateral amputee

John Hughes
John is a bilateral amputee who enjoys playing golf.





David Tagliarini, unilateral above-elbow amputee

David Tagliarini
David is a unilateral above elbow amputee that competes in fishing tournaments.